DONGWON LOEXCS puts customers first, delivering
freshness, based on cold storage know-how
accumulated from 20 years of experience

Company OverviewDONGWON LOEXCS puts customers first

Business AreasCenter of international trade in Northeast Asia and the world’s best logistics business

ServicesKorea’s largest low-temperature logistics warehouse, equipped with an advanced automated cold chain system

  • Advanced Automated Warehouse

    Unmanned automated system and automatic location management

    Max processing: 260 PLT/hour

    Rapid processing capabilities (accommodation capacity: 18,972 PLT, 260 PLT/hour)

    Automatic Location Management System

    Significantly improved warehouse-in/out speeds through the application of an automatic location management system that ensures easy first-ins and first-outs

    Robotic Transfer Vehicle (RTV)

    Straight-line section: 200 m/min, curved-line section: 60 m/min, wireless remote control

  • Prime Location

    The location of DW LOEXCS, an optimal location for Northeast Asian logistics, helps reduce transport cost and time.

    ONE-STOP Logistics Service

    DW LOEXCS, with its prime location as a Northeast Asian logistics hub in theBusan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone, helps simplify import and export procedures and the transshipment of cargo from different countries.

    Transport Cost Saving

    DW LOEXCS, located close to the entry ramp of Busan New Port, helps save container logistics costs and makes inland transport easier.

    Landmark of the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone

    DW LOEXCS has established itself as a landmark of cold storage logistics in the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone based on its cold storage infrastructure, which connects major overseas ports and inland locations.

  • Minimizing Temperature Change

    DW LOEXCS minimizes temperature changes to maintain the freshness of stored items.

    Interior/Exterior Heat Radiation System

    Constant temperatures are maintained in warehouses by completely blocking external heat.

    Air Shutters & Air Curtains

    Air shutters and air curtains have been installed to block external air and to maintain temperatures of 10℃ or below throughout the entire cargo handling area.

    Maintenance of Low Temperatures on Each Floor

    Low temperatures are maintained in all passageways, and temperature changes are minimized to maintain the freshness of stored items.

  • Efficient Logistics Services

    Smart systems to enhance speed and freshness

    Installation of 9 Vertical Conveyors

    Nine vertical conveyors have been installed for quick warehouse-ins/outs that are capable of handling 300 pallets per hour and 3,000 pallets per day.

    Real-Time Cargo Management

    Handling of real-time inventory inquiries by mobile app and systematic control of cargo based on computerized records.

    Large Cargo Handling Area for Up to 51 Booths

    Large-scale yard installed with one-stop logistics services with up to 81 truck scales and an electric supply system.

  • Hygienic Storage Facilities and Safety Management System

    An advanced system for safer and more hygienic cargo storage

    Korea’s First Warehouse Constructed Using Galvalume

    The four walls and ceiling of the DW LOEXCS warehouse are constructed with Galvalume, the first of its kind in Korea, to completely block fine dust and environmental contaminants.

    Separate Storage by Item Type

    Different types of agricultural, livestock, and marine products are stored separately from one another for fresh storage in optimal environments.

    Safety Management System

    DW LOEXCS’s secure facilities, accessible only by employees with a security access card, and continuous monitoring, performed using 218 CCTVs, enables safe cargo management.

  • Seismic Design & Emergency Power Generator

    Seismic design to protect against natural disasters and an emergency power generator for safe cargo storage

    Seismic Design to Protect Against Natural Disasters

    Seismic design to protect against earthquakes up to 7.0 or higher in magnitude and constructed to safely withstand strong winds of up to 40 m/s

    Emergency Power Generator

    In the case of a power outage (caused by a natural disaster, such as a typhoon, or other event), a freezing machine automatically begins to run within 10 seconds of the loss of power.

    Complete Fire Safety Management

    Complete fire safety management through the use of air-breathing detectors, which are 500 times more sensitive than regular fire detectors, and fire shutters installed

DirectionsA new landmark of cold storage logistics in Busan New Port


  • Phone no.
  • +82-51-955-4000
  • Address
  • 351, Sinhang 8-ro, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
  • From Busan (Busan Station)
  • From Changwon (Changwon Station)
  • From Seoul
  • From Gamcheon

Go through the Gudeok Tunnel and take Bosu-daero
Turn left at the Sasang-gu Office Intersection onto the Gamjeon IC
Enter the Dongseo Overpass at the Sasang IC
West Busan Tollgate Namhae Expressway Branch 2
From the Jangyu IC, head toward the Changwon Tunnel, Jangyu
Go straight at the Daecheong IC Continue to the Jinhae-Bonseon Tollgate
Turn right toward Ungdong 2-dong Arrive at DONGWON LOEXCS

Enter the Dongmasan IC from the Guam High School Intersection Continue on the Namhae Expressway
At the Jillye Junction, turn right toward Busan New Port
Take the Namhae Expressway Branch 3 Continue to the Jinhae-Bonseon Tollgate
Turn right toward Ungdong 2-dong Arrive at DONGWON LOEXCS

Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway At the Chilwon Intersection, head toward Busan and North Changwon
Continue on the Namhae Expressway Go straight at the Jillye Junction
Follow Namhae Expressway Branch 3 Continue to the Jinhae-Bonseon Tollgate
Turn right at Ungdong 2-dong Arrive at DONGWON LOEXCS

Gamcheon Intersection Sinpyeong Eulsukdo Bridge (Myeongji Tollgate)
Sinho Bridge Renault Samsung-daero
Turn left toward Busan New Port at the New Port entrance Angol Bridge
Turn right toward the Ungdong Sewage Treatment Plant Arrive at DONGWON LOEXCS

This brochure contains introductory materials for DONGWON LOEXCS (DW LOEXCS).